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The protection of personal data in the development of applications

Under this motto, the “Good Practices Guide for the development of Apps” was developed. The document was supported by the Sadosky Foundation and was presented today at the Technological Science Center.

The Sadosky Foundation, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, delta extranet and the National Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, presented the “Good Practices Guide for the development of Apps” developed in collaboration with ICT Security Program of the Foundation. The launch took place this afternoon in the cafeteria of the Scientific Science Center, headquarters of the Ministry of Science, and was in charge of the national director of Personal Data Protection of the Justice portfolio, Juan Cruz Gonzalez Allonca; And the director of the ICT Security Program of the Sadosky Foundation, Ivan Arce.

During the meeting, the main recommendations included in the document, addressed mainly to the application developers, who are responsible for ensuring the privacy of the personal data used by its software, under Law 25.326 (Law on Protection Of Personal Data) that establishes principles and obligations regarding the processing of data. In this regard, Arce emphasized that “if we understand security as an attribute of software quality and the processing of personal data as an indicator, the Guide we are presenting provides the tools necessary to tackle possible problems associated with failures protection of privacy before they arise “ .

The guide is based on a series of procedures to take into account, from the very beginning of the application development, to establish a clear and transparent data use policy that allows the holders of these data to know how the treatment is Which applications perform on your information. In addition, the contents include technical and methodological aspects to consider and basic steps are offered to safeguard the privacy of users in relation to the quantity and quality of the data being handled.

Finally, the document includes specifications for the development of mobile applications and for those intended to be used by children and adolescents, general data, contact data and consultation of the National Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data and a summary of law 25.326 for To be able to know its scope, and the general principles that it establishes regarding the protection of personal data and its treatment.

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