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ADO.NET Express

Manage your library and make your own movie database

The formats of our films are varied and often have difficulty finding the DVD or Blue Ray we need in our video library or access our xmovies8 on your computer. Without delving into the issue on the support or the source of the content from the Audiovisual Documentalist we propose some tools that will serve to keep track of your collection of movies and series.

As a starting point when both physically organize our digital library as we should establish a basic order and from there begin to organize our files. In the case of movies stored on a computer or an external hard drive we can establish a system of folders based on film genres.


And from here if we need to create subfolders classified according to our needs (subgenus, director, actor …). Another aspect to consider when saving our films is that many times the file names give more information of the title, so it is important that if that information overload is not necessary files will be renamed with the title of the film as it will be easier cataloging programs can search for information such films.

In the event that our library is physically we can pool our DVD’s or Blu-Ray by the gender system.

Although it seems that this system is obsolete by new programs that we can find a network, propose this method to people who have problems to cope with unknown programs or simply do not like to download programs from the network because with these tools can create databases simple data.

As this is a manual process in which we introduce ourselves data by reducing the home field, we propose a fairly simple fields to fill.

film database

Each entry must assign a reference number especially when it comes to cataloging physical media because then we can locate our film by placing a number label. This reference number can be simple or we can add some letter that tells us which gender or year of release. As you can see in the picture we have placed some basic fields but can be extended with other data such as the cast. producer, sound, language, subtitles, caratulas … For movies that are digitally add a hyperlink that leads directly to the file.

We can see in the previous section to create a base of nonprofessional data is quite simple but internet offers a range of possibilities with different software that allow our database is easy to create and contains as much information as possible.

If we look at Google “video cataloguer” we find endless programs dedicated to this task.

Most of these programs work in a similar way:

We’ve tried a few and then we will give you a list with several of these software and what have been that we liked most.

All my movies:


Although it is a paid software is a very useful while easy to handle and install tool. As you can see in the picture above, the tab includes the most important data of film, film images, trailer access, file information, the website of the film and a play button.

The tabs are easy to refill because once introduced the title goes to the search IMDB and other data bases film. The data we do not have are very simple to introduce as you can see below.

Regarding the television series catolagoción perform the same process: we write the title and we search the online database. Once we made going to the episodes tab and can change the seasons we have and associate each episode to its corresponding file (if we had the series on the computer).


EMDB is a free software that allows us to organize our collection of films in any format and access them in a direct and simple way. From the main window EMDB have an overview as a shelf of all our movies and series.

EDBM interface

To add a new movie to the catalog you must press “Add” in the main window. a tab that can be filled manually or using IMDB appears.

“Additional information” we can complete other data.

EMDB has a simple search system as shown in the following image:


In addition to the various options that prorciona this software we can export our database  in HTML, CSV or text files.

The end result leads to a base fairly complete data, with all faults that carry this type of program when searching on the computer hard drives (as we said above, often the names of video files do not match exactly with the titles of movies), but very simple and effective once we have corrected the problems with file names.

There are similar to these programs and recommend that you consult the user reviews and probéis several of them to find the one that most suits your needs. In case you want to consult other programs or descargaros both of which we have spoken we leave this link: Putlocker

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