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Encoding forms can help your SEO

A lot of webmasters perceive SEO in terms of things that have to do after a site is made, it would be the optimization of specific variables on the page so you can maximize the likelihood that they would be sorted by keywords or process to request specific backlinks sources who are qualified to off-page SEO.


But ignoring the important role that the page encoding could play in optimizing total necessarily be enough to make a house on a foundation that is unstable. Consider all the ways in which the coding can help SEO your site to not miss out on critical performance.

1) Validate the access code to the search engine spider.

You must keep in mind that programs search engine spider have serious limitations when climbing indexing the site. While only read text effectively, other elements of the site, including images, audio, video, and script files, you can stop all important text site indexed properly. If you see that parts of the text are bad pages, valitadate the code correctly for search engines to find information.

2) The use of encryption to SEF URL rewriting.

Make a friendly URL search engine would be beneficial from the point of view of SEO and in terms of user experience. The particular form that you would have to modify the page code so that you can minimize the number of extraneous characters more codes that would be present in the URL have a dependence on the particular platform could work on the site.

3) Clean the code to facilitate improvements in site speed.

Although the site’s code can start clean, eventually it would be common for the website modification to bring in a number of different errors that can slow your site. For this reason, it would be a good idea to make regular checks are problems.

a.Take out additional spaces, which makes the code readable

b.Utilize and HTML Validator to enter brokern more tags unpaired.

c.Utilize Broken Link Checker tool to remove URLs invalid.

4) Serve textual alternative to the script on the page.

As seen in Tip # 1, the search engine does not normally have access to information that may be contained in the image files, video or script. But, as these items could go a long way in improving the user experience on the site, it would be a good idea to take them all.

Versions, however, something better to do from the point of view of coding alternative would be to serve and text-based information that you want the search engines to index.

5) Put the tag “noindex” in the robots.txt file.

While there is no way to control the behavior of spiders of search engines with 100% accuracy will not tell the site pages indexed by the tag “noindex” in the robots.txt file can be useful from SEO point of view.The code must be added to the robots.txt file for pages that should not enter the search results, including:

one. Shopping cart and checkout pages

b. User Pages panel

c. Archive pages

d. Contact pages

6) Use “rel = canonical” to address the problems of duplicate content.

If you are using a CMS program, you will likely have duplicate content issues that arises when these platforms are URL.

Since these URLs can be redirected to the same page, you face the risk of being subjected to duplicate content filters in the search engines should not specify exactly how to treat each variation.

The best way to instruct search engines about how to handle the URL would be through the use of “rel = canonical” tag. This feature can be added to the section of the site, either by hand or by using a plugin and tell the search engines for contempt, or redirected to a page index for the specified URL.

7) in September 301 should redirect to ensure the proper flow of PageRank.

When he would come to establish appropriate 301s, there would be two situations encoding you want to search from the point of view of SEO. First, use the code to inform search engines that both www and non-www versions of the URL should be treated in the same way.

Second, if you were to move the contents of the site (for example, you should change the title of the article and blog permalink) do a 301 redirect to tell the search engines movement. This will minimize the potential loss that can occur when rank backlinks no longer solve the old URL.

8) Use Microdata for rich snippets

A final addition to the toolbox developer would microdata, a new language that allows you to put different levels to clarify the data for the HTML code of the page. Not only are these help the site indexed and classified correctly, can also increase the percentage of clicks of the SERP by creating more research in search results through rich snippets elements.

As there would be speculation that the general rates of the SERP clicks weighed as a factor in ranking, putting the new features help SEO add a site for additional traffic through search results.

9) Join the script file to speed up loading times.

Recently, the site loading speed is important as a factor in the ranking of search engines, with a base in the declared Google for rewarding to get results faster search sites desire.

Unfortunately, if you have built a site using tons of scripts to provide more functionality for visitors, charging different code files can lead to site performance substantially. Through the combination of individual code sheets into smaller files, you could get rid of load times caused by excessive demands of the script, in addition to improving the SEO of the site.

10) Use CDN to minimize the resources required to implement.

Finally, once you make all possible changes in the code of the site, and has not yet been achieved improved loading times, get a distribution network of content to provide the content of external sites to minimize the global resources needed to launch the site.

Of course, with all these technical advice to ensure that their efforts to observe the contents. Make sure the keywords are always up to date. You can do this through the KeywordSpy that allows you to spy on your competitors and know in real time the keywords that you employ. In this way, you will not run out of the loop, even how to improve the design of your site. Visit seo company bangkok for more details.

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