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A developer gets Android Wear made compatible with iOS

Unless reaches one year of life, Android Wear is still not compatible with other platforms besides Android , and that may seem logical, the fact is that Google has always been very open to other platforms, so it is curious that have not tried somehow or other it compatible with iOS.

The truth is that on more than one occasion have dared to say that e n the future we will see this compatibility, although iOS as being denied as when giving permissions to other platforms …, it may take a little longer.

But leaving aside the official movements of Google, one desarrolldor of Android Wear has achieved this compatibility . Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh, a reputed XDA developer has made notifications reach your iPhone with Android Wear smart watch to show a short video posted on his Twitter account.

In the video we see as they arrive on the iPhone notification immediately on the watch also . In this case it uses a Motorola Moto 360, although in principle work with any smartwatch carrying Android Wear inside.

To achieve this use of ANSC is made, the notification system Apple has been implemented since iOS 7. Almost is the same used by Pebble to show notifications on your fit watches. The important thing is that has not been necessary any jailbreak on the iPhone, but theoretically works on any iPhone or iPad with iOS 7 or higher.

Obviously this is a very limited system, ie ANSC only allows you to receive notifications, you can not interact with them , and therefore can not use many functions of Android Wear. we’ll see if Apple decides to open up a bit on this , or otherwise close even more to give exclusivity to the Apple Watch. Anyway, it is a step, a small step.

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